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Restore Carrickabraghy Castle
This once-proud 16th century O'Dochartaigh castle will soon be gone forever without your help.
Its name is Carrickabraghy Castle and it is built on a massive rocky point overlooking the North Atlantic. Located in the heart of the Doherty lands, Doagh Island on the Inishowen Peninsula, this stately castle is now in ruin and in imminent danger of collapse. Without extensive reconstruction and careful restoration, our next generation will only see pictures of Carrickabraghy.

Carrickabraghy has stood as a symbol of the valiant, brave Clann O'Dochartaigh for over 500 years. That is over twice as long as the United States has been in existence. It stands on the site of a pre-Viking settlement recorded in the Annals of the Four Masters.

Perhaps you've personally been to the wind-swept shore and gazed up at the once-proud home of the O'Dochartaigh. The sights and sounds take you back through time to the days of Cahir Rua O'Doherty while the crisp breeze and rolling waves chant the ancient history of the place. Proud, brave Irish blood has been spilt to defend this treasured refuge and it is one of the final battle fronts held by Irish chieftains in 1608.

A grant of approximately $260,000 towards the conservation effort has been offered by Inishowen Development Partnership to the local Carrickabraghy Restoration Society. This Society in Ireland must raise the remaining balance of $50,000 as soon as possible to match the grant, to meet the urgent needs of Phase 1, and to stop the quick decline of the site. Will you help? Please donate today.

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Donation Levels & Benefits
Title Amount (USD) Premium(s)
Protector 1,000.00 Email updates, telephone discussions with IGHS, site tour when in Inishowen, Ireland area, computer screen wallpaper, Color glossy photographs suitable for framing, certificate, clann crest pin
Benefactor 500.00 Email updates, computer screen wallpaper, certificate, clann crest pin
Patron 250.00 Email updates, computer screen wallpaper, certificate, clann crest pin
Caretaker 100.00 Email updates, computer screen wallpaper, clann crest pin
Defender 50.00 Email updates, computer screen wallpaper
Supporter 25.00 Email updates
Or you can set your own donation amount. You can be sure that any amount you donate will boost the work at Carrickabraghy!